Gallery Gone, Man, Real Gone

Many of you have noticed the Widget Gallery is no longer available. Most widgets, however, can be found by performing an online search for the type of widget you want to have (e.g. RSS, Music, Amazon, Etsy, etc).


The space between the first and the second sentence there is exactly where the explanation of why the widget gallery is gone should be.

Its absence is so glaring as to call attention to the fact that there's no explanation. And sure enough, the comments are picking straight up on that…

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  1. Jen

    Hi Adam! The reason the Widget Gallery is gone is simple. The widget gallery was no longer up to date.

    TypePad support has added a new article to the Knowledge Base – – where we’ll be adding new widgets which we recommend to TypePad bloggers.

    Most widgets can be found using an online search. I you find any great widgets, please let us know, and we’ll add the widgets to the recommended list.


  2. Adam

    Thanks for the update, Jen. That makes perfect sense.

    Still think it’s a shame it wasn’t in the original post, though. 😉


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