AA Car Servicing Fail

Snowyfireengine For years, I've bought my cars and had them serviced at the same place – Bramfield Garage – and I've always had great service there. But it was my parents' garage, and with my Mum dead over two years, and her house long sold, trekking all the way there for a service has been, well, enjoyable, but not very efficient. 

So, as we're busy trying to create a new life for ourselves, once centred about where we live, I've been trying to find somewhere to have my current car, affectionatly known as the fireengine due it its vibrant redness, serviced locally. Prompted by an e-mail from the AA, I decided to try their service & repair offer. I booked online yesterday, and waited for a phone call to confirm. Today, that call came.

"Hello, is that Mr Tinworth?"


"Hello, I have your booking here, and your nearest centre is 21 miles away. We obviously can't offer you a pick up and return, so if you'd like to drop the car off…"

"21 miles away?"


"Uh, no. Not at all."

Now, this was his opportunity to, say, suggest somewhere nearer my work, for example. But he didn't, so the AA lose a sale. It beggars belief that their web booking service doesn't check how far the nearest centre is away, and flag it up if it's a silly distance. But no, 24 hours go down the drain, as does my respect for the AA's wider range of services.

Anyway, I'm now booked in with my local Halfords Autocentre, which is not very far at all from where I live. Fingers crossed for their service…

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  1. DMcD

    I’d drive the 21 miles in preference to Halfords! With the AA you’ll get someone fully trained that knows what they’re doing. I haven’t met all of Halfords staff yet, but every one I’ve seen has been a clueless teenage trainee. Wouldn’t trust them to wash my car, never mind service it!


  2. Adam

    So far, at that particular branch, I've had great service both times I've been there – and not a single one of the staff I saw in the service centre was a teenager. One of them was many decades past that…


  3. Daniel

    Wow… Sounds like you had a horrible experience with the AA! 21 miles is a little to far to walk to work 😦


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