TomTom adapted
So, before I went on my holiday, I was forced to replace my long-serving iPhone 3GS with a brand-spanking new iPhone 4. Hurrah. Good news, and something to be discussed more in a later post.

But there was one small problem - I've been using my iPhone as a SatNav ever since my Mum's old TomTom gave up the ghost on the way to Jomec the year before last. And my TomTom cradle for the iPhone doesn't fit the new phone well.

One quick e-mail to TomTom support, though, and an adaptor kit was winging its way to me - for free. OK, TomTom apps and kit aren't cheap. But not nickle-and-diming me by charging me for an adpator is a rare enough courtesy that I'm taking the time to blog about it right now.

Nice work, TomTom.