Starbucks wants Nespresso’s business…

But the star of the meeting was the Verismo machine, which was put on display
for the first time since its introduction at the beginning of this month. Mr
Schultz did not hide his ambition to eat into the $3.8 billion of Nespresso
sales last year by delivering the full “Starbucks espresso experience” in
the home. It will initially be on sale in America, but a spokesman confirmed
that the UK would be among the first overseas markets to get the machines.

via [£]

NIce to see more people fighting for the upscale home coffee market. Pity their devices don't let you choose your coffee supplier, though. That's why I won't be buying either.

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  1. Tim Holmes



  2. James R Grinter

    There’s a lot of people out there that don’t like coffee – and that’s who the Starbucks “experience” targets. So I’m sure they’ll do well, regardless.


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