George Lucas and the failed narrative

Because suddenly there is a scene with Jabba himself, and …. nothing. He’s got Boba Fett with him and yet no one tries to kill Han or capture him or anything. There is no urgency. All the plot points that were just conveyed in the cantina are repeated, but without the urgency or high stakes. Han left the cantina with a job that was going to save his neck, and he barely escaped with his life. He thinks he’s got to get out of there quick before he’s captured or killed. He’s so paranoid that he thinks the storm troopers that are after Luke are after him. Yet now there is this scene with Jabba where Han is all in charge and stepping all over Jabba’s tail.


I've always been a little on the fence about the revised editions – many of the additions enhanced the movies enough that I didn't mind some of the clumsy bits. But now I've had this pointed out to me…

I'm no longer on the fence.

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  1. Ratshag

    This scene was originally in the book, which Lucas wrote before the movie was finished. I can’t remember if it worked there or not (12 year old me was probably a bad judge anyway). What I do remember is that the description of Jabba was nothing like the slug we saw six years later. Corpulent, yeah, but walking around. So they filmed that scene when they were making the movie with … something … standing where Jabba was standing, and Solo walks behind him. The scene doesn’t work for whatever reason (I expect Jabba looked fake as hell, in addition to the known reasons), and it gets cut.

    Fast forward to the 1990s, and Lucas says “Hey I’ve still got this footage, and I can CGI Jabba in. Let’s do it!” Except in the raw footage, Solo walks where Jabba’s tail now is. Sadly, instead of accepting that it just doesn’t work, they turn it into Solo stepping on Jabba’s tail, with some CGI magically (and at least in the first attempt, blatantly) raising Solo into the air as he does so. And ha ha, now we have a physical gag, isn’t that great? Excpet for the minor fact that it completely ruins what ought to be a tense showdown.

    And yeah, even without the gag, it would have served no purpose.

    And and yeah, Han shot first.


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