Lewisham: killing you swiftly

A man in Lewisham Central, for example, lives for 70.8 years on average. In the Queen’s Gate ward, is in the affluent borough of Kensington and Chelsea, this figure is 88.3 years.

via www.standard.co.uk

Lewisham Central – where I used to live – is bottom of the league for men's life expectancy in London.

So very, very glad that we got out.

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  1. juliet

    surely this is entirely down to lifestyle and wealth rather than geographical location, its just that the vast majority of those who live in that location do not have on average as much money and therefore the ability to enjoy the same healthy lifestyle as those, say in Kensington and chelsea?


  2. Adam

    Oh, I doubt that it’s entirely down to those things. Issues like pollution levels, quality of hospitals, quality of hospital care at the very least will effect outcomes.

    Beyond that, there will be social factors with a geographical element that influence lifestyle.


  3. Clare

    You seriously don’t think that you moving out of Lewisham has had any impact on your personal life expectancy as it relates to this figure do you? I thought you had more nous than that!


  4. Adam

    No, of course I don’t. It just reflects a feeling that Lewisham and its area could have been so much more than they were, but that the political powers-that-be were never really engaged in dealing with the issues that they needed to – and that’s reflected in those figures.


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