My sense of time is slipping, sucked away by a baby’s obliviousness to such things. Being self-employed is great. If I was still a corporate type, I'd be back at work by now, not spending time with my daughter, while getting work done at home. But it has its issues. Like my daughter and my wife, I no longer have a clear idea of what day of the week it is. For example, yesterday I decided I really needed a haircut, and made my first baby-free expedition out of the house this week. I strolled across the footbridge, stopped off at the patisserie for a treat, and arrived at my barber.

The door is closed…
Oh. Wednesday. They're shut on Wednesday. Still. Can't waste the trip.

Hector's coffee
Coffee in Hector's Shed. They do a mean Americano in there. And the walk was good for me, right?