If there’s one thing babies do well, it’s living in the moment.  

A shy wee baby in her bed.
No photos, Daddy!

Sometimes my daughter is so good at being cute that I suspect she's actually working at it.  I was up this morning at 7am. I may be a gentleman freelancer/consultant these days, but that's no excuse for being a slugabed. Money needs earning, as Hazel is only going to get more expensive… 

To get my dressing gown, I have to walk right past Hazel's crib. And she was awake. Wide awake. Big, happy eyes. A big smile on her face. She was still swaddled up, snug under her blanket, and she was awake and comfy and happy and grinning at her daddy. My heart nearly exploded with happiness. 

She had that look you get when you wake up after a good sleep, and the bedding is just the right weight and temperature and it feels wonderful, and at that moment, you don't ever want to leave. But unlike us, she had no guilt in that feeling, no sense that she should be somewhere else doing something else. Where she was felt great, and she was happy to just be there.

I envy her her ability to live so completely in the moment.