I’m spending the Christmas period without my MacBook Pro. On Christmas Eve it went to Apple hospital to get a new battery, and this seemed to be the time of year I could most do without it. After all, the reason I’ve hung on to it for so long — it’s five years old, give or take – is that I do so much on my iPad Pro while out and about these days. I’m hoping to keep the MacBook Pro going until the summer and the iOS 13 reveal, with my fingers crossed that we get a real boost for iPads. There are still a few niggles that send me back to the MacBook - I’m hoping they get addressed.

If that happens, my game plan is to have an iPad Pro for mobile productivity, and a high-spec iMac at home for the stuff where I really need a Mac’s power.

Having a couple of weeks where I have no MacBook Pro to fall back on will test that idea, and how close I am right now. And so far, it’s going pretty well.

I’ll report back…