I do find myself wondering about the long-term mental health implications of this crisis. We’re making massive changes to our lifestyles and economies to keep many of our most vulnerable alive. And that’s the right things to do.

But the consequences of that decision will be with us for years to come - long after (hopefully) a vaccine has been found, and the restrictions end.

For example, as a self-employed worker, the abrupt closure of my work pipeline, along with the government proving support for all categories of worker apart from us, is having a corrosive effect on my self-confidence. While it’s not their intention, I’m sure - it sends an unintentional message that “you lot don’t matter”. Couple that with abrupt cancellations and work conversations going silent - it’s brutal.

Isolation and lack of reinforcement is part and parcel of being self-employed. And most of the time I can handle it. But right now, it’s taking every bit of willpower I have left.

I’m up. I’m dressed. I’m working, doing my best to keep the clients I have left, and figuring new things I can offer that people might want to pay for at a time like this.

This afternoon I’ll swap in with my wife and be home school tutor for my kids.

The only way is forward.