New address. New theme. Time to get going again.

    If all's going well…

    …then this blog is finally up and running in WordPress rather than Typepad.

    Much as I used to love Typepad, the slow pace of development meant I was more and more frustrated every time I used it. So I stopped using it, and over the last couple of months, in very small bursts of activity, I’ve migrated it.

    Let’s see how it goes…

    A new start

    So, another blog from me. Why? Well, because One Man & His Blog, which used to be a general interest blog, has evolved into a blog specifically about journalism and blogging. I have other interests, like photography, and architecture, and dance, and culture, and more. And I want to blog about them. But I don't want to dilute the focus of my main blog.

    And so, I begin again, drinking coffee and exploring complexity. I hope you'll come along for the ride.