MarsEdit 5 is here. Still no Ghost support, but looking good for my other blogging. And yes, this is my first post using it.

I am happy to report that you can now get my witterings from my notebook as a (free) weekly email.

I wonder what would happen if I just started posting on a neglected blog, and saw what happened?

Low tide on the Adur.

The Adur, at low tide, looking towards the Adur Ferry Bridge.

Oh, Wix websites are a pain. They have a “blog” section, they even publish RSS feeds - but they don’t set up auto-detect properly, so you have to know where the feed lives before you can subscribe. (It’s at /blog-feed.xml)

Scenes from homeschool:

👧 “What does ‘dour’ mean?” 👱🏻‍♂️ “If only there was some sort of book that listed words alphabetically alongside their meanings.”

Plenty of people enjoying the waves down at the Beach today.

Surfers enjoying Shoreham Beach, with a view of Worthing Pier.

Evening on the beach.

Evening light on Shoreham Beach, looking towards Rampion Wind Farm

On the shore.

My daughter on Shoreham Beach looking towards Worthing.

Trump, QAnon and the limits of the “viral” metaphor to describe online communities — some thoughts on the challenges that lie ahead.

I’m not sure this is going to work.

A fireplace sitting on a lawn.

Hard to argue with this message.

A sticker from The Nib saying "Stay Home, Read Comics"

Bit wet out today.

A slightly flooded Beach Green on Shoreham Beach.

Dusk on the boardwalk.

Dusk over Shoreham Beach, looking towards Worthing, with walkers in the foreground

Brighton by night.

Shot on Shoreham Beach, at dusk

The lights of Brighton, viewed from Shoreham Beach.

Socially-distanced beach walk.

A lone walker on Shoreham Beach.

A cold and frosty morning on the Beach, and it’s not lifting.

I sometimes think that winter beach is the best beach.

Two girls on a winter shoreline


Less than 12 hours to finish a book and meet my reading challenge goal…

How I’m embracing a life in Tier 4 lockdown.

A couple on Shoreham Beach.

Beach life in Tier 4: where better to take your permitted exercise?

Worthing, as seen from Shoreham Beach on a december afternoon.

Evening on the beach.

Silhouette of a couple on Shoreham Beach.

Storm Bella has passed, but it’s still very blowy down on the beach.

Lovely weather for a Christmas Eve beach walk.

winter sunlight on Shoreham Beach.