Leather dresses - a celebrity trend? Really?

    Apparently leather is “in” for celebrity ladies looking to make a splash.

    Jennifer Aniston:



    Emma Stone:

    o-EMMA-STONE-TONIGHT-SHOW-570.jpgStone at least gets points for going for the red - and an interesting red, rather than a brassy, cheap one. Aniston’s look is, well, just ageing rocker chick.

    Sheer Appeal

    [caption id=“attachment_6448” align=“aligncenter” width=“400”]Diane Kruger - sheer confidence Diane Kruger - sheer confidence[/caption]

    The HuffPo wants to characterise this dress as controversial.


    Personally, I think Diane Kruger (or, more likely, her advisors) have made a great choice here. The underlying “dress” is sexy without being trashy - a slightly brief cocktail dress more than anything - while the sheer fabric over the top give it a much more elegant feel. Sure, you need a film star figure to carry it off. But it’s fun. And she looks happy and confident.