Daily Vignettes

    Beach (plant) Life

    One of my favourite features of Shoreham Beach is its plant life. As barren as it looks in winter, come the spring it burts into a riot of colour and life. I missed the best of it this year, but I thought even the fading beauty of early summer was worth recording:

    [vimeo [www.vimeo.com/26971752](http://www.vimeo.com/26971752) w=550&h=309] 

    Capturing a Summer's moment by the Thames

    I'm having one of those days, looking forward to a free hour or so, sandwiched between a day's working on a report for work, and an evening raiding with my Warcraft guild.

    However, I grabbed a little time over lunch to edit and upload a little video I shot while walking along the Thames on Friday evening, on the way to meeting friends in a pub. It was a glorious, sunny, summer's evening, and it felt just wonderful to be meandering along the river amongst the rush of Friday night humanity. Here's my attempt to capture it:

    [vimeo [www.vimeo.com/26864855](http://www.vimeo.com/26864855) w=500&h=281] 

    I'm really enjoying creating these little "video photographs" of an experience, a moment in time, even if no-one else cares. :)

    Sunday on the Beach

    [vimeo [www.vimeo.com/26844743](http://www.vimeo.com/26844743) w=525&h=295]

    Covent Garden after the rain

    Shot last week, after sheltering from a sudeen downpour in the Apple Store. I managed not to buy anything. Does this mean that I'm finally an adult?

    [vimeo [www.vimeo.com/24426633](http://www.vimeo.com/24426633) w=525&h=295]

    Daily Vignette #2: Beach Life

    [vimeo 21343360 w=500 h=375] 

    A quiet moment to destress your afternoon. 

    Daily Vignette #1: Shoreham Saturday

    [vimeo 20994464 w=521 h=293]

    Another little project for myself: shoot short vignettes capturing the feel or an aspect of a day in under 30 seconds. This was yesterday’s.

    Wonder how long this one will last? :-)

    The original idea was to have these as "motion photographs" and post them to Flickr. And then I remembered that Flickr hasn't yet got its act together to provide iPad and iPhone compatible video yet, so I went with Vimeo instead.