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    The web is not dying::

    Let’s imagine we ban TikTok. And Facebook. And Instagram. And Threads. And all the other huge platforms. There would still be one global town square left. It’s called the web. The web itself IS the global town square.

    John Naughton in The Observer:

    The creative commons of the internet has been gradually and inexorably enclosed, much as agricultural land was by parliamentary acts from 1600 onwards in England.

    So, I’m now on t2 (Twitter alternative from ex-Twitter folks). Anyone else on there?

    This piece from Robin Sloan is looking more prescient by the day: the last decade’s platforms are over.

    Feeling slightly guilty that our internet is fine, while the internet from the same provider is down for most people across the Beach.

    Another wave of angst over Musk fiddling with the blue tick systems, I see. And all because Old Twitter created a system that was a confusing mix of “verification” and “notability”.

    One is about a need for trust, one about a need for status. Confusing them is not wise.

    Holy crap, this Rackspace email outage looks very bad indeed.

    QotD: Desktop Show and Tell

    What is your current computer desktop image? Let's see it!

    iBook Desktop iMac Desktop

    I like my desktop images fairly plain and uncluttered. I often have Apple's own images up, which meet that standard fairly nicely. Right now, though, I have a couple of my own photos. On the iBook (top) I have a details of a rock seen while walking in South Devon with Lorna Tinworth, Rev Stan and Mosh.

    On the iMac I have a slightly abstract view of the London Eye, grabbed while walking along the Embankment one afternoon, on the way back from a meeting somewhere or another. I like them both because they work as images when on full display, but don't distract the eye when the poke out from behind an application.