Sheer Appeal

    [caption id=“attachment_6448” align=“aligncenter” width=“400”]Diane Kruger - sheer confidence Diane Kruger - sheer confidence[/caption]

    The HuffPo wants to characterise this dress as controversial.


    Personally, I think Diane Kruger (or, more likely, her advisors) have made a great choice here. The underlying “dress” is sexy without being trashy - a slightly brief cocktail dress more than anything - while the sheer fabric over the top give it a much more elegant feel. Sure, you need a film star figure to carry it off. But it’s fun. And she looks happy and confident.

    Speaking Style's Language


    Women’s fashion intrigues me, the way small changes can transform an outfit completely. It almost feels like a language that I don’t quite speak.

    I can tell that the tassels on this dress make it fun. That’s simple. But how it’s done without making it look ridiculous is just opaque to me.