Scilly retrospective

    I’ve been taking a little time out this evening to edit (finally) some photos from a trip to the Isles of Scilly seven years back.

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    Nothing like a well-mown lawn to remind you that you're a middle-aged man now.

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    Easter weekend

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    Easter baking

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    Enjoying Easter time in the kitchen with my little girl.

    Summer's start on the Beach

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    Summer finally hit the south coast over the weekend, and I was fortunate enough to spend a good section of my three day weekend with my daughter on the beach. Friday was a quiet day, as you might expect, with Hazel enjoying exploring the abundant plant life that grows on Shoreham Beach’s rare shingle habitat.

    By Sunday, the little one was quite surprised when she toddled onto the beach. She’s used to us having it largely to ourselves, bar a few dog walkers (“doggies!"), and the beach, while not packed, was certainly busy. Quite a few of the visitors had decided to take advantage of the weather by stripping off to shorts to swimwear, which led to a lot of pointing and cries of “rudie nudie!” from the little one. Toddlers lack social graces, it appears.

    Still, an idyllic couple of hours, exploring the Beach, throwing pebbles into the water and watching the boats go by. While pointing out the “rudie nudies”, of course.

    One evening in New York City

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    I’m in New York again, doing some training. It’s another 48 hour quick jaunt - so this evening was my only proper evening in the city. I grabbed my camera, and took a more scenic walk back to my hotel.

    God, this is a lovely city…

    Views from the Adur Ferry Bridge

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    Two mornings a week, I walk over the Adur Ferry Bridge to take my little girl to nursery. And then, in the late afternoon, I do the same again.

    Sometimes the views are just stunning. Here’s my favourite five images from the walk this month…

    Spring commute

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    A series of images I grabbed on my commute to London last Wednesday - the first day that really, really felt like spring might be here.

    On the Barbados shore

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    Sailing the Caribbean

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