Anti-Ginger Nuts

    Gingerism: is it racism? - Styledash:

    According the BBC, red-head hating is still going strong around the world, but especially in the UK. Based on anecdotal reports, nearly every natural red-head has faced at least some kind of discrimination ranging from childhood taunting, to sexual rejection to violent hate crimes. (The most extreme case of anti-red-head sentiment, of course, being the 2003 stabbing of a red-headed 20-year-old man.)

    Personally, I think this is all about lingering cultural prejudice against the Celts. They were the one-time rulers of the British Isles, who eventually got pushed to the very edges of the islands, and their distinctive characteristics became undesirable, as it marked you as one of the losers.

    However, i have to be careful here, as my wife is very much a redhead…

    Which reminds me, does anyone else think that there's something missing from this? In particular, that female redheads actually get an easier ride than male redheads? Certainly in much of the US, and the UK too, a red-headed woman is seen as an attractive proposition.

    Why is it cool for women to be redheads, and embarrassing for men?