Having Fun

    A weekend in Instagram…

     A touristy weekend, showing my brother-in-law around Shoreham and Brighton:

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    All Instagram pic, because it seems the more people waving big SLRs around me there are, the less likley I am to get my own Big Camera out. It's a form of photographic introversion…

    I'm on a (Parisian) Boat

    Somehow, I feel that I deserve more than the usual Foursquare badge for getting this one in Paris:

    Screen shot 2010-12-07 at 22.21.27

    Das Potato

    Das Potato
    An image shot for a student magazine project, back in the early 90s. That's me on the left, oppressing the heroic potato revolutionary, and against the bleak East European vistas of… Hyde Park.

    Student journalism was a lot of fun.

    Private Dining

    Private Dining 


    p class=“asset asset-image”> Private Dining

    Private Dining

    Private Dining

    Private Dining

    The Most Fun You Can Have at St Michael's Mount

    So, we visited St Michael's Mount yesterday, and very enjoyable it was too. And we discovered the most fun you can have there:

    1. Wait for the tide to come in
    2. At the point the causeway starts to get covered in water, get a good vantage point on the hill
    3. With binoculars or a decent telephoto lens, enjoy the sufferings of the those who tried to beat the tide:
    The boat across, incidentally, is a grand total of £1.50, and a great ride. 

    Pub Quiz

    Pub quiz in the Eliot Arms, St Germans, Cornwall
    Pub quizzes: more fun than I expected.