Through Departure's Eyes

    Lewisham by Night
    It dawned on me as I walked home to the Lewisham flat this evening that I'll only do this a handful of times again - maybe half a dozen times. In just over a fortnight, the sale of the flat will compete, and my links with Lewisham will be severed after 16 years - the longest time I've lived in a single place. 

    And, sometimes, knowing that your time in a place is coming to an end makes you start to see it with new eyes, even if you really feel that you are completely done with the area. 

    And so, tonight, for the first time in an age, I stopped and took some photos of Lewisham again. I'd tried to put aside my ennui for the area and see it with the eyes of enthusiasm I once had. And I began, just a little, to see what it offers.