It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas decorations on Clerkenwell Green in London.

A dalmatian pelican at the Arundel Wetland Centre.

A dalmatian pelican in Sussex.

Sadly, I had no ducks left to give.

A sign saying “ducks (and staff) only”.

Greetings from Storm Ciarán…

Adam Tinworth in the rain, during Storm Ciarán.

Great to see Ghost building its new recommendations feature on open standards: it’s basically Webmentions under the hood.

I was one of the test group - and it’s great to see it out there.

The Ghost recommendations feature at work.

Happy Halloween 🎃!

Screamer on duty outside our house this evening.

A carved Halloween pumpkin.

Having a gourd day. 🎃

Pumpkins a’plenty at Roundstone FarmGreen gourds at Roundstone Farm.

Nighttime in Farringdon, Autumn 2023.

An autumnal tree in Farringdon, illuminated by streetlights.

I treated the girls to pancakes to celebrate the first day of half term.

A stack of freshly-cooked pancakesFresh pancakes seen from above.

Picadilly Circus, London, Autumn 1991

Picadilly Circus, London in 1991Picadilly Circus 1991, looking northPicadilly Circus in 1991, looking toards Leicester Square

This screensaver in MacOS Sonoma makes me unexpectedly happy.

A Scottish landscape screensaver in MacOS.

Literal standing room only for the lunchtime talk by BBC News’ Ros Atkins on explainers at City Journalism.

That includes me. I am standing…

Ros Atkins talking to the City, University of London journalism department.

Time is different when you work on The Spectator, it seems.

A Lunchtime Espresso emails sent at 4pm&10;

Fair point.

A sign on a London coffee shop saying that the Romans did not have coffee.

I feel judged by my iPad.

An iPad warning that I have too many tabs open.

A lot of character in this old, partially ruined house.

Nymans, a National Trust property in Sussex, UK

No early morning drive to the pool this morning, as my eldest is unwell.

So, I’m drinking coffee and processing photos instead

A flower in the garden at Nymans House. Another flower in the garden at Nymans, this time a yellow-orange one.

It has begun. 🎄

Christmas cards on sale in WH Smith in late September 2023x

I’m doing it – but only on one Mac.

The update window for MacOS 14.

Gen X erasure is real.

A Telegraph push notification saying that Millennials and Gen Z need Boomers.

Spectacular views over London en route to Heathrow.

The Greenwich peninsula and the O2 seen from the air.

A bar on stage feels very on point for a digital conference in the Reeperbahn Festival.


The #NEXT23 stage.

I love the fact Hamburg Airport has an art gallery, rather than all the normal overpriced nonsense you get in British airports.

Artworks on display in a gallery in Hamburg airport.

We appear to have gone from the height of summer to autumn in four days.

An autumnal churchyard in London’s Farringdon.

📷 September Photoblogging Challenge Day 13: glowing.

A railway light glowing, on a September morning.