Super rare night out for me - at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Brighton.

The Concert Hall at the Brighton Dome, for the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

One of the Dalmatian Pelicans at WWT Arundel.

A Dalmatian pelican.

This duck is stylin’.

A scaly-sided merganser at WWT Arundel

Testing out the new coffee shop in town, Clubhouse Coffee.

Smoothie of the banana and strawberry varietyA black americano at Clubhouse Coffee in Shoreham. A pain au chocolate Vegan biscoff cakeHoneycomb brownie

Here are the small but dedicated band of protestors in their conspiratorial glory.

Anti-vaccine signs at a protest in SussexProtesters who are against the WEF and cashless payments in Shoreham. Another anti-vaccine placard in Sussex.

My paternal Shrove Tuesday duty is done.

A stack of pancakes on Pancake Day.

Friendly wee chaps.

A robin at Pulborough Brooks. Another robin at Pulborough Brooks

Evening light at RSPB Pulborough Brooks.

Warm evening light on a stand of Elm

Water level a bit on the high side, then.

Flooding near Pulborough Brooks in Sussex.

Love a bit of crema

Crema on a black americano at Victoria’s Sponge, Steyning.

Never change, Magazine Journalism MA students…

A bland date poster advertising a City Journalism student event…

Good morning from the Downs.

A lone sheep in a field up on the Sussex Downs.

Haircut achieved.

Adam Tinworth before a haircut. Adam Tinworth after a hair cut.

Finally, some harbingers of spring.

Daffodils at Hassocks Station

Frosty but beautiful beach walk after school drop off this morning. Starting to feel like I’m finally shaking off the Christmas lurgy.

A feather caught in morning sunlight on Shoreham Beach.

Sunset on Old Fort Road.

Sunset turning the clouds purple over the houses on Old Fort Road, Shoreham-by-Sea.

Started reading: A Countryman’s Winter Notebook by Adrian Bell 📚

Took a New Year’s Day beach walk with my eldest, and found somebody’s lost glasses on the strand line. The lenses have been ground into mistiness by the pebbles, and the string tied to one arm suggested a doomed attempt to keep them safe.

Sea-worn glasses. Found on Shoreham Beach.

Beach life, December 22nd 2023

Light shining through a crack in the clouds over Shoreham Beach.

Fog on the Adur.

Fog over the River Adur, looking eastwards from the Adur Ferry Bridge.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas decorations on Clerkenwell Green in London.

A dalmatian pelican at the Arundel Wetland Centre.

A dalmatian pelican in Sussex.

Sadly, I had no ducks left to give.

A sign saying “ducks (and staff) only”.

Greetings from Storm Ciarán…

Adam Tinworth in the rain, during Storm Ciarán.

Great to see Ghost building its new recommendations feature on open standards: it’s basically Webmentions under the hood.

I was one of the test group - and it’s great to see it out there.

The Ghost recommendations feature at work.