Adrian Bell on newspaper experts:

    I have been suspicious of them ever since, years ago, I met a gardening expert who wrote for a London paper. ‘And where is your garden?’ I asked innocently. ‘I haven’t got a garden. I live in a flat, he replied.


    Staurt Ian Burns on Marvel and its impact on the film industry:

    Also, there’s no point blaming a studio which turns out two-four films a year for “ruining cinema” as though the audience is a sheep like mass.  Hollywood has had its own hand in this by producing so many average films which strain for mass appeal to the extent they don’t appeal to anyone.

    ”I had to use my legs to go far away in order to discover this, but I now know it is possible to reach silence anywhere. One only need subtract.”

    — From Silence by Erling Kagge 📚