Stupid Tat

    Dear Facebook...

    Not only are you exactly six months out on my insurance renewal cycle, but yellow just isn't my colour… 

    Charity for Time Travellers

    I assume whomever donated The Best Bed & Breakfast 1998 to the Estates Gazette charity lending library is under the illusion that we have a couple of time travellers in the office.

    Born to be...

    Mugs in Mousehole targeted at fans of Doctor Who, Spooks or Robin Hood. (Are there any fans of Robin Hood?)

    Knitted Horrors of 1970

    Ah, knitting patterns of the 1970s:



    I found this "two in one" pattern for his'n'hers ponchos and an attractive beret and scarf combo amongst my Mum's old possessions. I don't think Mum and Dad ever wore matching ponchos. At least, I really, really hope they didn't. 

    Tacky Tissues

    Hannah Montana Tissues Spotted, to my mingled disbelief and amazement in my local supermarket: Hannah Montana tissues.

    For the fannish teenage girl... or the teenage boy in need of, uh, inspiration? 

    Paint Your Fake Coal

    You have no idea how depressed this makes me:

    Coal Paint
    Paint, for the fake coal in your fake fireplace.

    Such industry around the unashamedly inauthentic.