One Man's notebook this week.

Gosh, my daughters love the days out I pick for them!

Video 2024-02-11

semicolons are a suitably catlike, noncommittal form of punctuation.

Rooted by Lyanda Lynn Haupt 📚


Water level a bit on the high side, then.

Flooding near Pulborough Brooks in Sussex.


Evening light at RSPB Pulborough Brooks.

Warm evening light on a stand of Elm


Friendly wee chaps.

A robin at Pulborough Brooks. Another robin at Pulborough Brooks


My paternal Shrove Tuesday duty is done.

A stack of pancakes on Pancake Day.


Bit of a “grab bag” protest in town. They’re against:

  • Cashless payments
  • Vaccines
  • Ultra low emissions zones
  • The World Economic Forum

I might not mention that I’ve been in the offices of the last one…


Here are the small but dedicated band of protestors in their conspiratorial glory.

Anti-vaccine signs at a protest in SussexProtesters who are against the WEF and cashless payments in Shoreham. Another anti-vaccine placard in Sussex.


Testing out the new coffee shop in town, Clubhouse Coffee.

Smoothie of the banana and strawberry varietyA black americano at Clubhouse Coffee in Shoreham. A pain au chocolate Vegan biscoff cakeHoneycomb brownie


One Man's notebook this week.

Good morning from the Downs.

A lone sheep in a field up on the Sussex Downs.


Let's get phygital…

Apple's Vision Pro is a tentative first step towards building a blended digital/physical world. But this is like the launch of the original Mac, not the iPhone.


Finding the intro that finally makes the piece you've been struggling with work is such a blissful moment.


Want to feel old? Somebody born when Leeroy Jenkins wiped his raid will turn 19 this year.

You're welcome.


Never change, Magazine Journalism MA students…

A bland date poster advertising a City Journalism student event…


Looks like Apple has an image editing Generative AI coming. Quite Apple-y to be task specific.


We’ve just had the world’s first year-long breach of key 1.5C warming limit.

What’s it going to take before people treat this seriously?


🔗 Hunter-Gathering For Wimps:

Making a conscious decision to shut the f@&£ up, not cause the planet bow and crack under the weight of more opinions, and just listen to people sometimes, even if they are talking total crap

I have realised that, in addition to its many other perks, this is a useful way to conserve energy.

Tom Cox nails it.


Love a bit of crema

Crema on a black americano at Victoria’s Sponge, Steyning.


One Man's notebook this week.

Why are publishers making fools of themselves by deploying generative AI that clearly isn't ready yet?

They're terrified of repeating the mistakes of the past


After nearly a month battling a respiratory virus, today is the first day I've woken up and genuinely felt like I was on the mend.

Feels good.


Finally, some harbingers of spring.

Daffodils at Hassocks Station


🔗 Return-to-office mandates don’t help companies make more money, study says:

Now, new research from the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh suggests that office mandates may not help companies’ financial performances, but they can make workers less satisfied with their jobs and work-life balance.

I will never understand the obsession with getting everyone back into the office. If you want them back, tempt them, don’t order them.


Today I will be:

  • a. marking
  • b. learning about DMARC
  • c. getting a hair cut

One big party, my life.


Haircut achieved.

Adam Tinworth before a haircut. Adam Tinworth after a hair cut.


One Man's notebook this week.

A compelling argumentment from Om Malik that Google has entered the same stage of decline that, for example, Microsoft saw under Steve Ballmer.


Last summer danah boyd was still trying to ignore the Metaverse.

It’s only got easier since!


A quick round-up of podcasting news, derived from my work on the audience strategy module of our new MA in Podcasting.


Started reading: Rooted by Lyanda Lynn Haupt 📚


One Man's notebook this week.

I have to say, I'm a little bored of being ill now. I've had one illness or another since I caught COVID nearly a month ago.


One Man's notebook this week.

A brief flurry of snow. We don’t get a lot of this down on the south coast.

Video 2024-01-08

I think I may have over-bought Christmas coffee. It's past twelfth night, and I still have two bags of beans to go.



After a storm and flash flooding knocked out the power in south-east Queensland, Australia, a local woman used her electric car to power her son's life-saving dialysis machine.

Sometimes having a giant mobile battery is incredibly useful.


OK, now the snow is getting serious and settling. My daughters are going to be very excited.

Video 2024-01-08

Man shocked to discover that two-edged sword does, in fact, have two edges.


This, and the piece it's based on, are well worth a read: Dorothy Thompson On Who Goes Nazi

Sad that it feels as relevant today as it did when it was written.


On the intrigue side, Fieldwork can be relied on to provide the spectacularly weird. Downstream from Richmond we once spotted a polystyrene takeaway tray on which somebody had placed - for no adequately explicable reason - some poo. They had adorned this with a small Union flag, fixed at a jaunty angle, and set the whole thing sailing off down the river. We watched it until it was gone from view.

— From Elegy For a River by Tom Moorhouse 📚


Frosty but beautiful beach walk after school drop off this morning. Starting to feel like I’m finally shaking off the Christmas lurgy.

A feather caught in morning sunlight on Shoreham Beach.


My companion didn’t stay long…

Video 2024-01-10

Oh, marvellous. The UK government is now making policies based on easily disprovable conspiracy theories.

They’re either idiots, or they think pandering to idiots is the only way they’ll stay in power.


These cactus leather iPhone cases look nice. Still a natural material, but without the environmental costs of cow skin.

Quite tempted to get one in a few months.


This was very interesting to write. It does feel like some models of society and lifepaths have reached their natural end — and are now running on human inertia.

Opportunity lies in spotting what's dead, and figuring out what should replace it.


Substack launched Notes to steal attention from Twitter.

It succeeded. Right now, I bet they’re regretting that.


My inability to remember which is the correct spelling – whether or wether – means I accidentally write about castrated rams rather more than anyone outside Farmers Weekly should ever do so.


One of the (very) small ironies of the "Substackers against Nazis" ruckus is that I've ended up spending way more time on Substack than usual, just to track what's happening.


Dave Winer:

It would be better if journalists did not gravitate to a Facebook-owned Twitter clone.



My annual look at the most popular posts on my journalism site, One Man & His Blog.

The clearest trend is the real sense of uncertainty surrounding social media right now. If it's confusing for users, think how challenging it is for professionals…


I'm getting a lot of traffic from Russia at the moment.

Not quite sure what to make of that.


This is an insanely long, but very detailed and compelling, telling of the Substack story — and how the platform got into its current mess.



Platformer leaving Substack for Ghost over the “platforming Nazis” issue.

That’ll be a substantial hit for Substack.


Whether or not Substack ever had a significant Nazi problem is now a moot point.

It undoubtedly has a Nazi image problem – and that's not going to easy to shift.


One Man's notebook this week.

Took a New Year’s Day beach walk with my eldest, and found somebody’s lost glasses on the strand line. The lenses have been ground into mistiness by the pebbles, and the string tied to one arm suggested a doomed attempt to keep them safe.

Sea-worn glasses. Found on Shoreham Beach.


Started reading: A Countryman’s Winter Notebook by Adrian Bell 📚


The Festive Silence — or how exhaustion, burn-out and COVID conspired to give me an offline Christmas.


This is spectacular even by crypto scam standards:Chief executive of collapsed crypto fund HyperVerse does not appear to exist.


Started reading: Saltwater in the Blood by Easkey Britton 📚


Sunset on Old Fort Road.

Sunset turning the clouds purple over the houses on Old Fort Road, Shoreham-by-Sea.


One Man's notebook this week.

Beach life, December 22nd 2023

Light shining through a crack in the clouds over Shoreham Beach.


One Man's notebook this week.

Oh, shit. The dolphins have had enough and are coming for us.


The single biggest thing that would improve my AI prompt writing skills: not making typos.


Term finished yesterday. Today, I have a cold.



One Man's notebook this week.

When the problem contains the obvious solution:

Residential areas are increasingly unaffordable even for the middle classes, while the office districts are being hollowed out by working from home.

So, refurb the redundant office space as living accommodation, make city centre living affordable again, and rejuvenate city centres as love/work places not commuting destinations. Move forwards, not backwards.


What if the real X/Twitter replacement isn't a Twitter clone at all?


Fog on the Adur.

Fog over the River Adur, looking eastwards from the Adur Ferry Bridge.


One Man's notebook this week.

Started reading: Flourish by Antonia Case 📚


OMG: On TikTok, kids are making Christmas wish list PowerPoint decks

My girls will use Keynote, or it’ll a disappointing Christmas. 😉


It’s easy to claim you have ethical supply chains. It’s much harder to actually monitor them to check, say, your outdoors costs aren’t being made by Chinese prisoners.


Sad to see TinyLetter closing down. It was ahead of the curve on newsletters, but got bought by MailChimp, and was left to wither on the vine.

MailChimp is all about the marketing, and that's very different from editorial newsletters.


Ah, the horror on my daughter’s face was only matched by the delight on mine when Siri delivered The Wurzels version of I wish it could be Christmas everyday, rather than the original…

Proper job.


One Man's notebook this week.

OpenAI's interim boss seems… nice. 🤦🏼‍♂️


The problem with WordPress's 100 year plan.

I would absolutely pay for a service to keep my work online after my death. This is not the service for me — and the fact that they haven't sold a single account in three months makes it clear I'm not alone.


WordPress themes that are dependent on multiple plugins to function are a crime against all that is good and holy in web publishing.


”’Was your world once wild?' a distant intelligence might ask. Yes, we'd say. Till it went under our ploughs and the hooves of our cattle. Under the weight of our stuff.”

Surfacing by Kathleen Jamie 📚


It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas decorations on Clerkenwell Green in London.


One Man's notebook this week.

For years, Twitter was second only to to Google as a source of traffic to my blog. This month, it’s being beaten by… Yandex. LinkedIn is now the top social referrer.


The Gawker brand is coming back — but not the archive or the same approach, it appears.


I'm really happy with this little quality of life improvement from the Ghost folks. As a habitual emoji user, anything that makes it easier gets a 👍🏻 from me!


Interesting update from Bluesky:

  • They've hit 2m users, despite still being invite-only
  • A web view of posts and timelines coming this year
  • Federation should be working early next year


Started reading: Surfacing by Kathleen Jamie 📚

It’s this month’s Adventurous Ink book.


One Man's notebook this week.

Podcast listeners!

I’m looking for podcasts with vibrant and well-managed online communities, be they on Reddit, in Facebook groups, Forums, Discord, or whoever they chose to create them.

Suggestions gratefully received.


Lovely to see someone whom I got started in blogging (I ran the network of businessss blogs he alludes to), hit a decade of doing under his own steam.


Sadly, I had no ducks left to give.

A sign saying “ducks (and staff) only”.


A dalmatian pelican at the Arundel Wetland Centre.

A dalmatian pelican in Sussex.


One Man's notebook this week.

Having a gourd day. 🎃

Pumpkins a’plenty at Roundstone FarmGreen gourds at Roundstone Farm.


I posted to my Substack for the first time in, um, two years, 10 months and 28 days.

Hell of a posting frequency there, huh?

Some thoughts on mortality and over-sharing former students.


Happy Halloween 🎃!

Screamer on duty outside our house this evening.

A carved Halloween pumpkin.


Huh. Movable Type 8 is out. Once upon a time I’d have been really excited by that - but at $499 a licence, not much chance I’d ever go back…

They seem to have obseleted xml-rpc too, which mighty be of concern to @danielpunkass.


Great to see Ghost building its new recommendations feature on open standards: it's basically Webmentions under the hood.

I was one of the test group - and it's great to see it out there.

The Ghost recommendations feature at work.


Me: I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m a geek; I’m a journalist!

Also Me: Just finished updating nodejs on two VPSes so I can update my self-hosted Ghost installs. Very satisfying.


Wind really starting to pick up now, as Storm Ciarán hits the south coast. Glad I don’t need to travel in the morning.


Sad times: Canon formally discontinues the last EOS-M cameras, saying goodbye to EF-M

I used EOS M cameras for much of the last decade, and will miss them. But I switched to EOS R earlier this year. The direction of travel was clear. The M series is becoming my daughter’s starter camera.


Psst. The first one of these in months is going out this evening…



Greetings from Storm Ciarán…

Adam Tinworth in the rain, during Storm Ciarán.


Worth a read: Mastodon Is the Good One


Put that phone down and go be bored: your creativity depends on it.

(And other things worth reading).


I've spent a lot of time on alt text for presentations over the past five weeks, and more than once Apple's Live Text feature has saved me a whole bunch of retyping, when people (myself included) have used non-accessible infographics in their decks.


This is worrying: publications are using AI generated images of the Gaza conflict from Adobe Stock without declaring that they are AI created.

One might also ask if this is an appropriate subject for generative AI…


One Man's notebook this week.

Currently reading: SOLO by Jenny Tough 📚


The first would-be competitor to X/Twitter to fail? Stand up, Pebble (formerly t2). Maxed out at about 3000 daily activity users, so funders weren't interested.


So… blogs are dead are they?


I’ve just bought my youngest the dry robe reviewed in this article. It’s great for our 7.30 am Sunday swim lessons run. In the spring, it’ll be sea swimming time again, and she’s all prepared.


Nighttime in Farringdon, Autumn 2023.

An autumnal tree in Farringdon, illuminated by streetlights.


One Man's notebook this week.

“Since the early 1990s, no country has met the basic needs of its population without overconsuming natural resources.”

Reconnection by Miles Richardson 📚


“Those who had a close relationship with nature used their phones half as much each day, took 90% fewer selfies and took 300% more pictures of nature than those with a weaker relationship with nature.”

Reconnection by Miles Richardson 📚


Picadilly Circus, London, Autumn 1991

Picadilly Circus, London in 1991Picadilly Circus 1991, looking northPicadilly Circus in 1991, looking toards Leicester Square


The next stage in human evolution?


Amazing how many people who have been happily driving around with a large container of highly flammable fluid in their vehicles suddenly think that EV batteries are the big risk.

I'm sure they'll be giving up phones, laptops and tablets, which have the same batteries inside…


The nice thing about X (formerly known as Twitter) being in a death spiral is I feel so much freer to mute, block and unfollow people there who have decided that the horror in the Middle East is an excuse to play internet virtue team sports.


Om Malik:

Yes, teenagers are spending a lot more time on social media — just not as much on what we old-timers call social media. The big takeaway from this survey is that both Facebook and Twitter have aged out. They are as relevant to this generation as Fox and CBS are to the youth.


Jack Baty:

The only way I'd pay Musk $1 to join Twitter (X) is if I could mail him a check.

I miss having @jack around these parts.


I know Ahsoka has not gone down well with a lot of adult Star Wars fans, but watching it with two pre-teen girls who are absolutely rapt — and seeing a version of Star Wars where the major protagonists are largely female — makes me give it a lot of leeway.


I treated the girls to pancakes to celebrate the first day of half term.

A stack of freshly-cooked pancakesFresh pancakes seen from above.


One Man's notebook this week.

Time is different when you work on The Spectator, it seems.

A Lunchtime Espresso emails sent at 4pm&10;


Dave Winer has a real point here - and I’d love to see Mastodon fix it: Why Mastodon isn’t the one


Literal standing room only for the lunchtime talk by BBC News’ Ros Atkins on explainers at City Journalism.

That includes me. I am standing…

Ros Atkins talking to the City, University of London journalism department.


And I’m back in the timeline. I didn’t realise that changing the URL of my blog would essentially stop my posts hitting the timeline, unless I edited the feeds section. This I have now done, and I’m here!


So, if I’ve done everything correctly, my no longer sits in the shadow of my “main blog” on a subdomain. It has got a domain of its own:


I have fought with 301 redirects, and I have won. And now I fact the terror of Google Search console migrations…


This screensaver in MacOS Sonoma makes me unexpectedly happy.

A Scottish landscape screensaver in MacOS.


Started reading: Reconnection by Miles Richardson 📚


Thesis: coffee never tastes better then when drunk from an enamel mug, poured from a flask, while outdoors. ☕️


“When 16,000 people across 18 nations were surveyed, it was found that the British people visit nature much less frequently than people in other countries, and their connection with nature was rated much lower too. Despite humans being one of the great apes, only 10% of the population feel that they are part of nature.”

Reconnection by Miles Richardson 📚


One Man's notebook this week.

Why saving Harvard's blog history matters — and why I'm sad I was unable to save the early work I led.


Images from Hamburg and the Reeperbahn Festival.

Deploying my camera on my annual working trip to Germany…


Sometimes, you prompt Midjourney, look at the results, and think "I'm going to have nightmares about that image".


I feel judged by my iPad.

An iPad warning that I have too many tabs open.


Fair point.

A sign on a London coffee shop saying that the Romans did not have coffee.


John Gruber:

X itself now feels like a third-rate Twitter knock-off.


Turns out that if you go to bed super early on Saturday night, because you’re exhausted thanks to the first teaching week of term, a train strike, and working Saturday, that the 6.30am start for your daughter’s swimming lesson is much easier.

Who knew?


One Man's notebook this week.

I'm doing it – but only on one Mac.

The update window for MacOS 14.


I just accidentally connected via VPN, through a connection already going via a VPN.

And that pretty much sums up my day.


Started reading: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: A Feywild Adventure (Dungeons & Dragons Book) 📚 🎲


Dave Winer:

There is no good outcome possible from arguing on social media.


It has begun. 🎄

Christmas cards on sale in WH Smith in late September 2023x


No early morning drive to the pool this morning, as my eldest is unwell.

So, I’m drinking coffee and processing photos instead

A flower in the garden at Nymans House. Another flower in the garden at Nymans, this time a yellow-orange one.


A lot of character in this old, partially ruined house.

Nymans, a National Trust property in Sussex, UK


One Man's notebook this week.

I love the fact Hamburg Airport has an art gallery, rather than all the normal overpriced nonsense you get in British airports.

Artworks on display in a gallery in Hamburg airport.


Late night on the Reeperbahn.

Video 2023-09-20

A bar on stage feels very on point for a digital conference in the Reeperbahn Festival.


The #NEXT23 stage.


Podcast insertion ads are still so laughably primitive. All the British podcasts I downloaded while in Hamburg are full of German ads.


Spectacular views over London en route to Heathrow.

The Greenwich peninsula and the O2 seen from the air.


Started reading: Owls of the Eastern Ice by Jonathan C. Slaght 📚


Gen X erasure is real.

A Telegraph push notification saying that Millennials and Gen Z need Boomers.


One Man's notebook this week.

My wallet is safe from Tim Cook this time.


TIL that you can screenshot CarPlay.

CarPlay showing the end of my commute. &10;


📷 September Photoblogging Challenge Day 13: glowing.

A railway light glowing, on a September morning.


We appear to have gone from the height of summer to autumn in four days.

An autumnal churchyard in London’s Farringdon.


An interesting move from The Economist, adding a new subscription tier for podcasts.


It's nice seeing the number of serious video recording apps for iPhone proliferating.

The number of occasions when you need to bust out the "real" cameras is diminishing.


Remember all those sessions about how voice and smart speakers would be the future of journalism?

Not so much.


One Man's notebook this week.

Begone, miserable doom merchants! Traditional social media's stumble could actually be good for journalism and audience work.



I’m officially old. Badgers is 20 years old.

Mushroom. Mushroom. Snake.


Just realised that in just over two weeks I'll be in Hamburg again for NEXT23. The schedule looks great this year.


Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary people, I present for you the 21st Century, where we microchip cheese.


These seem like a more plausible scenario as time goes on: The case for Musk driving Twitter to bankruptcy.


I spent yesterday at a journalism innovation conference. If you want to know what the news publishers are thinking about at the moment, well, here you go.


Listening to my boss’s inaugural lecture…

Professor Mel Bunce delivering her inaugural lecture.


Looks like it’s an “update all the Apple things” evening.

Important security updates out…


Breakfast of champions.

A small bottle of vodka on a pedestrian crossing sign in London.


Currently reading: Twelve Words for Moss by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett 📚


One Man's notebook this week.

Lovely afternoon for a cycle with my youngest.

The sea at Widewater, Shoreham Beach. Dramatic clouds over the cycle patch between Lancing and Shoreham.


This will do.

Enjoying a coffee and a book in a woodland campsite.


Currently reading: Rewilding the Sea by Charles Clover 📚


One Man's notebook this week.

Starting my assault on the Wainwright Prize shortlist with A Line in the World by Dorthe Nors 📚


Somebody will be very sad about losing this chap.

A lost toy mouse.


Two of my former students have been added to Russia’s journalist blacklist.

I’m very proud.


This is good news - a new Broken Sword game is coming.