Attack of the Moans

Am I the only person left who is still excited by the idea of a new Star Wars film? The teaser for Attack of the Clones is up on Apple’s web site, and it looks good. Now, I know that it will never give me the same sort of buzz I got from the originals when I was seven. Still, I don’t feel that the same level of visual imagination and co-operative world building can be found in the cinema in anything else.

Sure, the plot’s simplistic. Talented kid goes bad, causes downfall of staggering republic and rise of evil empire. His son redeems him and together the destroy the mastermind of the evil empire. There you go, the six films in two sentences.

The really enjoyable thing, for me, is the incredible vision that goes into creating the look, sound and feel of the film. Lucas may not be the best scriptwriter or director in the world, but as a visionary who can drive forward a team of creative people to produce something quite remarkable, he’s seriously short on equals.

So, come the launch of Attack of the Clones, I’ll be there, enjoying the cool lightsabre fights. And I’ll enjoy it, even if I’m the only person in the cinema.

See the Episode II trailer here.

Cold thoughts

Oh, great. I can feel the beginnings of a cold working its way into my system. Lorna got this a week or so back, and I was feeling all smug because I fought it off. No such luck. So, I’m dealing with it in the normal way. If I’m found dead in the gutter with my body a mysterious bright orange, that’s because I’ve died from vitamin C poisoning.

Come to me, my little tangerine friends…