QotD: Desktop Show and Tell

What is your current computer desktop image? Let's see it!

iMac Desktop
iBook Desktop

I like my desktop images fairly plain and uncluttered. I often have Apple's own images up, which meet that standard fairly nicely. Right now, though, I have a couple of my own photos. On the iBook (left) I have a details of a rock seen while walking in South Devon with Lorna Tinworth, Rev Stan and Mosh.

On the iMac I have a slightly abstract view of the London Eye, grabbed while walking along the Embankment one afternoon, on the way back from a meeting somewhere or another. I like them both because they work as images when on full display, but don't distract the eye when the poke out from behind an application.

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  1. nadia

    That pic of the London Eye is truly gorgeous. Was that taken with you SLR?


  2. Adam

    No – it was shot on one of my compacts, actually.


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