Get a UK Mac

Over in the US, Apple has been running the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads for a year or so. Some of them are painfully funny. Now, Apple UK has remade some of them, and added a few new ones, with Mitchell & Webb in the lead roles.

I actually thing they work a little better than the US ones, because the PC isn't a hell of a lot more likeable than the Mac, as is the case with the originals.

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  1. Zack

    I hate macs, I hate pc’s aswell, I just hate macs allot more. 


  2. Adam

    Man, computers of any stripe are not worth the emotional energy to hate…


  3. Ralf

    [this is good]

    LOL, they’re great. Thanks for the heads-up!



  4. Zack

    They are when your dependant on them yet they insist on making your life incredibly frustrating 😛


  5. Adam

    Believe me, my job is 100% dependent on computers…If I started hating ’em, there would be a lot of smashed computers around here.


  6. AKA Vasquez

    Oh dear. The advert sucks. The main problem is that the Mac bloke doesn’t “win” - instead, you just want to smash both of them over the head with a hardback copy of Windows for Dummies. Mitchell & Webb are becoming slightly offensive in their ubiquity - Mitchell as a sort of intelligent but dislikeable Oxbridge ”geek”, Webb as a borderline sociopathic, pot-smoking “dude”. Whereas the PC guy (Mitchell) is deliberately smug, the Mac bloke (Webb) manages it accidentally, which is altogether worse. I felt indifferent feelings towards my iBook after watching this. Peep Show is genius, though.


  7. Eric Burns

    [this is good] The main difference I think is the pair are an existing comedy duo, so their timing is significantly better. The mac makes a significantly better straight man, too — he actually has personality, which our American Mac does not.Also, the PC is far more prattish than John Hodgman is. Hodgman is (to quote his book) ‘tweedy’ but you end up sympathizing with him the whole time. So they’re more effective Mac commercials.That said, I prefer Hodgman, because John Hodgman is all kinds of awesome.


  8. Adam

    These do seem to be polarising adverts – people love ’em or hate ’em. I suspect it depends on your tolerance levels for smugness…


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