The UK’s First Log Built House?

Another one from the "press releases for my old job, but I'm still interested" file:


Look at that – lovely log cabin under construction. Canada? The US? Switzerland, maybe?

Uh, no. It's Norfolk.

Mike Balls of the Log House Company is building log houses in the UK, and this one is going up for a Norfolk family. The timber's locally sourced and it is, they claim, the UK's first log-built house.

I've not idea if you could get a mortgage on it, or what it would be like to live in, but my, it looks lovely, doesn't it?

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  1. Hi Adam, I’m sure there have been other log homes built in the uk. Its something that i am really interested in. There are companies in the us that ship them over.


  2. I think the point here is not that it’s the first log home, but the first one constructed entirely from UK materials, rather than stuff shipped from overseas.


  3. Hi there, very interested to read up on this log build home. We were looking to do one in Suffolk, UK, but with the land prices it really was a budget too far for us. We are now in France where land value is around 1/10th the cost of UK and will be looking to do a log home. Would be happy to communicate with others with similar ideas on building a log home…. Chris, Burgundy, France.


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