Blast from the Past in my RSS

I was rather surprised to see the above picture on the Adam Smith Institute blog… It's my old school, Dollar Academy. The fact that the kid on the left looks much like I did back then doesn't help.

Ironically, the post is about the status of English private schools. And Dollar is very much in Scotland.

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  1. DrBlockbuster

    [c’est top] See … yesch,  Dr Blockbuster still remembers his French from his Jock Milne days !!!
    “Rather surprised ..”? you were. Dr Blockbuster is particularly disenchanted if they were referring to the Eeeeeeenglish !!  Merde!  BUT … Dr Blockbuster will sort them out … and it’ll not be “Punctuality and regularity of attendance … etc”
    Yesch, yesch, Dr Blockbuster CAN sort them ooot. Leave that to me.
    I SEE who you blog for !  Well, IF you managed to make it to Earls Court last April, how many Scots did you see with kilts on!  Well ???  Well ???
    I may be BAAAAAACK, but I’ll stick on the battlejacket now and sort out those heathens at the Adam Smith Institute.
    Have a word with Valentina, in the meantime, if you can get a word in edgeways!



  2. DrBlockbuster

    [참 좋습니다] Schurely Schome Mischtake? … nope, Dr Blockbuster is back already.
    I’ve told those clowns at the Adam Institute to sort their ####-up as follows, (subject to their moderation bien sur) & of course, yours:

    Now … if you were half as smart as <strong>Dr Blockbuster </strong>who happens to have the 6th Year Business Studies Medal from Dollar, you would correct the picture that you have posted on this blog purportedly connected to the “A-level results” system in England and Dame Suzi’s English Agenda.

    The picture you have shown is Dollar Academy, in <strong><u>Scotland</u>!</strong>

    Whilst, of course, some of the pupils can do an A level at Dollar now (to avoid you using this as an excuse!), the fact that you post a totally unrelated picture means “Brains” like myself don’t even wish to consider your written story.

    Adam Smith would be spinning in his grave if he saw your article. Come on … pull yourselves together and fix your I N C R E D I B L E error!!!

    <strong>Dr Blockbuster</strong><a href=”“>Juventutis

    Veho Fortunas </a>(guess where that’s from?)<a href=”“></a


    Did I miss out any salient point?
    Dr 1 of the 612,845 currently playing “Halo 3″myspace, youtube, amazon, authorsden, whatthetech, blockbusterbooks again,, commanderbond, daltonswendy, andymurray, you name it .. Dr Blockbuster is there.
    ooo… in view if Lewis Hamilton’s success today in JAPAN, you might like to watch this:


  3. DrBlockbuster

    [this is good] did you notice I dropped “Smith”  😉


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