HipstaWalk #1

Spring finally seems to have arrived in London, so I took the opportunity to walk a chunk of the distance home this evening. I headed down Kingsway, across Waterloo Bridge and made my way to London Bridge along the south bank.

And the light was so very beautiful, I couldn't resist trying to grab some images using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. After some experimentation, I settled on the Helga lens and Verichrome film as best suited to the conditions. And I'm pretty pleased with the results .


IMG_1067  IMG_1068 


IMG_1071  IMG_1072 


 I'm really pleased with these results. I'm planning a few more walks if the weather stays good… 

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  1. Marylin

    Wow, there are awesome! I like the look of that app! 🙂


  2. Adam

    I really like it. It really challenges you to think about the look you want for the photo and composition is an, um, interesting challenge…


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