Flowers in the grounds of Quadrant House, Sutton
I promised you an explanation of my current photo project, didn't I? 

It was inspired (or, more accurately re-inspired) by this post over on Lemonlight. Angie's evocative pics reminded me of the particular texture of film and the images it produces. I went essentially 100% digital in my photography around late 2004, and I've had a bunch of unexposed, unused film lying around ever since. I'd been meaning to shoot them, rather than seeing them going to waste, and see what the results are.

To add a twist, I've decided that I can only shoot things I come across through the course of my day - I'm not going to go anywhere or do anything special to find these photos.

The image in this post, and the previous ones, were all shot around RBI's office in Sutton on, of all things, a roll of WH Smith colour negative film - which I have a suspicion was Mum's rather than mine. Most of the pics are straight reject, but a small handful of the scans are going into my Aperture library as a record of the texture of my life right now. 

On to the next roll…