Let's be honest. I rarely go anywhere without my iPhone. And, on occasion, I'm so taken by something that I grab a photo and upload it straight to Flickr. And for the last four days, I've done that consistently. Now, the challenge I'm setting myself is to try to do that every day from now on, aggregating them all here every Sunday. Here's the first four days' worth:

Beautiful morning in Lewisham

This is the pic that started it - it was such a lovely morning that I couldn't resist grabbing a pic as I got in my car.

Making a Shard

Changing at London Bridge, on my way to a meeting on Friday, I loved this view of the under-construction Shard.

St Nicholas' Dummy

A dummy on a stall in St Nicholas' Market made for a striking shot on Saturday.

Last of the summer roses

And a rose in my mother-in-law's garden caught my eye on a lazy Sunday.