Had a rough weekend for reasons I'll blog about when I can bring myself to do so. In the meantime, here's some backlog blogging from my trip to Germany a few weeks ago.

How the germans see us

Spotted this in a German bookshop in Kassel. It was the special British section of the bookshop: tea, shortcakes and the royals. Really? That's how they see us? Gosh. That would be like us stereotyping them with beer, suasages and lederhosen. And that never happens, right?


Spotted outside a mobile phone ("handy" to the Germans - a word they think comes from us) shop. Classy stuff, huh? :-)

Insane detail

Oh, and I was rather jealous of these little screens they have on their trains (which really do run on time).  They were a significantly more pleasurable experience to travel on than their British counterparts - possibly because virtually no-one seems to use them…