Yesterday was a good day. After a bleak start to the morning, I managed to find my mojo and buckle down to work. And there was good work news - one client was happy to switch to an online version of the workshop I’d been planning for them, and I had constructive discussions with a small team of fellow trainers who may be delivering a project collectively.

I still hope that the government do something for the self-employed - but I’m beginning to hope that I might not need to take advantage of it.

Home-schooling is going pretty well. The girls are excited and having fun, so we’re riding on the crest of that wave for as long as we can - hopefully it will carry us through to the Easter holidays. We are lucky enough to have a small garden, so they can run around outside in their breaks - and the weather has been conducive to that. Goodness knows what this is all going to feel like in 5 weeks on a rainy Wednesday, but for now Team Tinworth is enjoying itself.

I had an extended session with the girls teaching them some of the features of their iPads beyond playing games. That went well - but I was slightly disappointed to discover that my eldest didn’t know what a programmer or programming was. Something to work on.

The quasi-lockdown announcement last night wasn’t a surprise - and we’d already been living like that since the schools closed. We can still do our daily beach walk, thankfully, as long as we maintain social distancing. That’s reassuring.

Day four in the house — and it’s going well so far.