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“Those who had a close relationship with nature used their phones half as much each day, took 90% fewer selfies and took 300% more pictures of nature than those with a weaker relationship with nature.”

Reconnection by Miles Richardson 📚

“Since the early 1990s, no country has met the basic needs of its population without overconsuming natural resources.”

Reconnection by Miles Richardson 📚

“When 16,000 people across 18 nations were surveyed, it was found that the British people visit nature much less frequently than people in other countries, and their connection with nature was rated much lower too. Despite humans being one of the great apes, only 10% of the population feel that they are part of nature.”

Reconnection by Miles Richardson 📚

Thesis: coffee never tastes better then when drunk from an enamel mug, poured from a flask, while outdoors. ☕️

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This screensaver in MacOS Sonoma makes me unexpectedly happy.

A Scottish landscape screensaver in MacOS.

I have fought with 301 redirects, and I have won. And now I fact the terror of Google Search console migrations…

So, if I’ve done everything correctly, my no longer sits in the shadow of my “main blog” on a subdomain. It has got a domain of its own:

And I’m back in the timeline. I didn’t realise that changing the URL of my blog would essentially stop my posts hitting the timeline, unless I edited the feeds section. This I have now done, and I’m here!

Literal standing room only for the lunchtime talk by BBC News’ Ros Atkins on explainers at City Journalism.

That includes me. I am standing…

Ros Atkins talking to the City, University of London journalism department.

Dave Winer has a real point here - and I’d love to see Mastodon fix it: Why Mastodon isn’t the one

Time is different when you work on The Spectator, it seems.

A Lunchtime Espresso emails sent at 4pm&10;

Turns out that if you go to bed super early on Saturday night, because you’re exhausted thanks to the first teaching week of term, a train strike, and working Saturday, that the 6.30am start for your daughter’s swimming lesson is much easier.

Who knew?

John Gruber:

X itself now feels like a third-rate Twitter knock-off.

Fair point.

A sign on a London coffee shop saying that the Romans did not have coffee.

I feel judged by my iPad.

An iPad warning that I have too many tabs open.

Sometimes, you prompt Midjourney, look at the results, and think “I’m going to have nightmares about that image”.

Images from Hamburg and the Reeperbahn Festival.

Deploying my camera on my annual working trip to Germany…

Why saving Harvard’s blog history matters — and why I’m sad I was unable to save the early work I led.

A lot of character in this old, partially ruined house.

Nymans, a National Trust property in Sussex, UK

No early morning drive to the pool this morning, as my eldest is unwell.

So, I’m drinking coffee and processing photos instead

A flower in the garden at Nymans House. Another flower in the garden at Nymans, this time a yellow-orange one.

It has begun. 🎄

Christmas cards on sale in WH Smith in late September 2023x

Dave Winer:

There is no good outcome possible from arguing on social media.

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I just accidentally connected via VPN, through a connection already going via a VPN.

And that pretty much sums up my day.